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The main goal of PsyCARE is to improve early intervention for psychosis by providing a new set of easy-to-share tools to:

  • Facilitate access to care;
  • Improve early detection;
  • Provide personalized therapeutic programs.

    These early and personalized strategies will enable to tailor therapies to the individual from the earliest stages of the disorder


    of population is concerned by mental diseases


    of population is affected by psychosis


    of patients have little or no response to treatments for psychosis

    What is psychosis ?

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    Early Intervention

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    Launch of SantéPsyJeunes

    information website in mental health dedicated to the prevention, detection and earliest possible intervention of emerging mental health disorders to maximize the chances of recovery. http://www.santepsyjeunes.fr



    New article PsyCARE : Dysmaturational Longitudinal Epigenetic Aging During Transition To Psychosis

    Psychosis frequently occurs during adolescence and young adulthood, possibly as a result of gene-environment interactions, mediated by epigenetic mechanisms such as DNA methylation. Methylation patterns can be leveraged to predict epigenetic age in order to identify...


    Biological Analyses

    WP1: Identifying biomarkers to guide therapeutic interventions

    Brain Imaging

    WP2: Identifying imaging markers to guide therapeutic interventions

    Digital Phenotyping

    WP3 : Using novel digital tools for clinical and neurocognitive phenotyping

    Multimodal Analysis

    WP4 : Multimodal data analysis